Caitlin Clark didn't win a championship, but she won afterward in defending Angel Reese


Tony Gutierrez, Associated Press

Caitlin Clark spent Tuesday working to put the focus back on basketball after losing the national championship to LSU.

In the aftermath of the most-watched NCAA women's basketball title game in history, a 102-85 LSU victory over Iowa on Sunday, a lot of the focus shifted to a brief moment of gamesmanship near the very end.

LSU's Angel Reese pointed symbolically to her soon-to-be-adorned ring finger and, separately, mimicked Iowa star Caitlin Clark's "you can't see me" gesture from a previous game.

It was the sort of bravado and trash-talking that some might be unaccustomed to seeing in women's sports. Add in that Reese is Black and Clark is white, and there were plenty of reactions on social media that, at the very least, need to be examined in the context of racism and sexism - something I talked about at the end of Wednesday's Daily Delivery podcast.


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