Judge issues stern ruling in feud over Minnesota family's $1 billion estate


March 29, 2023

Evenstad family

Serene Warren with her late father, pharmaceutical pioneer Ken Evenstad, before five years of what the judge called "massive, unrelenting" litigation over the family estate.

After five years of contentious litigation, a Hennepin County judge concluded this week Serene Warren is entitled to less than a quarter of the $228 million she sought from the $1 billion sale of her family's pharmaceutical company, Upsher-Smith Laboratories.

In his 354-page order, Hennepin County Judge Edward Wahl scolded Warren for pursuing what he called "this tragic litigation," noting that the family could have settled the case years ago in ways that would have been fair to all.

"The tragedy of this case is now compounded by the duty the court has to explain its decision in detail in a public forum," Wahl said in the order, which he filed late Monday night. "The court takes no satisfaction in having to lay out in this detailed fashion what likely would have been better for all the principal players had it been resolved by private negotiation."



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