Anton Lazzaro admits to sex and gifts, but denies recruitment in defense testimony

The jury is expected to receive the case later this week


March 29, 2023

Anton Lazzaro admitted to having sex and being generous with minor teen girls — arguing that he thought some were older — but denied having anyone recruited for his pleasure as he testified Tuesday in defense against federal sex trafficking charges.

The 32-year-old Minneapolis GOP operative, still in custody since his August 2021 arrest, spent more than two hours on the witness stand after the government rested its case. He will resume testimony Wednesday, after which prosecutors can grill Lazzaro before the jury.

On Tuesday, Lazzaro explained his relationship with a co-defendant who has since testified against him as one that began with sex before evolving into a sibling-like dynamic where the then-college freshman would introduce him to other teens interested in his money or other luxury goods.


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