'Don't have time to wait': Advocates renew push for Minnesota to allow medication aid in dying


Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

DeeDee Welles, right, departed the Capitol with her sister Tara Welles, left, after DeeDee spoke at the end of life news conference Thursday.

DeeDee Welles has seen what it looks like to die from ovarian cancer.

Four decades ago, she watched her energetic mother - an active volunteer, former competitive diver and near-daily tennis player - go in and out of the hospital with bowel blockages from the disease. At the end, Welles was helpless as her mother wasted away "to skin and bones" and eventually died.

Now, Welles is struggling with blockages after her own ovarian cancer diagnosis reemerged in December. She doesn't want her kids to have to watch her in agony at the end.



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