Red Lake Chemical Health Fishing Derby Winners of February 25, 2023 - P2


February 28, 2023

Red Lake Chemical Health Fishing Derby Winners of February 25, 2023

Adult Winners

1st place - Chandler May (3.820lbs; 22Inch)

2nd place - Lance Hart (3.780lbs; 22Inch)

3rd place - Martell Strong (3.680lbs; 22Inch)

4th Place - Dino Perkins (3.615lbs; 21inch)

10th place - Ashley Lussier (3.300lbs; 22Inch)

11th place - Clay Frazier (3.210lbs; 20.5inch)

13th place- Sheldon Perkins (3.105; 20inch)

15th Place - Loren Barrett (2.930lbs; 19.5inch)

25th Fish Caught - Jeff Iceman

30th Fish Caught- Sheldon Perkins

45th Fish Caught- Jared Tversol

55th Fish Caught- Martell Strong

60th Fish Caught- Darwin Stately

Bucket of fish - Anthony Dickinson

Youth winners

1st Place - Brayden Lene (3.735lbs; 22inch)

2nd Place - Darrell Reynolds (3.505lbs; 21.5inch)

3rd Place- Alyssa Frazier (3.335lbs; 21.5inch)

4th Place - Lilam May (3.130lbs; 21.5inch)

10th Place - Kyreigh Lussier (1.540lbs; 16.75inch)

11th Place - Aleia Kingbird (1.465lbs; 16.5inch)

13th Place - Robert May Jr (1.440lbs; 16.75inch)

15th Place - Tatum Jourdain (1.355lbs; 16inch)

5th fish caught - Makye Jourdain

20th fish caught- Standing Bear

25th fish caught - Biidwe Kingbird

30th fish caught - Andrew Strong

Bucket of fish - Aleia Kingbird

Pick your winning at Chemical Health Monday.

We have 1289 registered Red Lake Members for the fishing derby. Good luck everyone. All winners were announced on Facebook at 4 PM.


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