Former Hennepin Sheriff Hutchinson reinstated as Metro Transit police sergeant with a pay bump

Hutchinson, who was on medical leave as sheriff since May, has been back on the Met Council payroll since Jan. 2


January 11, 2023

Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Former Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson.

Former Hennepin County Sheriff David Hutchinson, who went on paid medical leave from his elected position last May and was censured by the county for creating a hostile work environment, has been reinstated as a sergeant in the Metro Transit Police Department.

According to the Metropolitan Council, Hutchinson was reinstated Jan. 2 as a sergeant at $55.09 per hour, or $114,587 annually. When he left Metro Transit as a sergeant in December 2018, shortly after his surprise election as county sheriff, he was paid $44.26 an hour, or $92,060 a year.

Metro Transit spokeswoman Terri Dresen declined to discuss Hutchinson's job status, duties or assignment, but in response to the Star Tribune's data practices request, he is listed as an "active" employee.


Reader Comments(1)

Bigdawg writes:

Really this piece of sh t is still in law enforcement you have got to be kidding me Did his new employer even look at his past This alcoholic drove drunk at over 120mph totaled a tax payer owned vehicle then tried to tell responding officers l wasnt driving l wasnt driving what a joke this guy is why he be trusted to perform law enforcement duties ever again is beyond imagination what a mistake to employ someone who could not own up to his mistakes


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