Trump tax audits required by law were delayed, panel says


December 21, 2022

WASHINGTON — A report issued Tuesday by the Democratic-controlled House Ways and Means Committee found that required IRS audits of Donald Trump were delayed, and committee members voted along party lines to also release tax filings of the former president who broke political norms by refusing to release the information on his own.

The full level of detail that will be revealed is uncertain, but lawmakers said they expect to release six years of tax returns for Trump and eight affiliated companies. Some sensitive personal information would be redacted. While the 29-page report summarizing the committee's work was issued later Tuesday night, the tax returns themselves may not be released for several more days.

The report indicates that the Trump administration may have disregarded an IRS requirement dating back to 1977 that mandates audits of a president's tax filings. The IRS only began to audit his 2015 tax filings on April 3, 2019, a date more than two years into Trump's presidency. That date also coincides with committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., making an "initial request to the IRS for the former President's return information and related tax returns."


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