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Minnesota Outdoor Skills and Stewardship Series Winter lineup


November 21, 2022

Love it or hate it, winter is right around the corner! Being the hardy, outdoor loving Minnesotans we are, the cold and snow does not make us run indoors. If you need some inspiration or fun ideas to get outside and enjoy the brisk air, check out our next series of Minnesota Outdoors Skills and Stewardship webinars! From hunting rabbits to ice fishing to dog sledding, we showcase some great ways to enjoy Minnesota winters during webinars hosted by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Upcoming webinars are scheduled every Wednesday at noon through the winter. The courses are free, but participants are required to pre-register. Winter series topics are as follows and the registration page for the webinars is available on the DNR website.

• December 7 – Rabbit hunting: Ever wonder what happened to that lucky rabbit’s foot you had as a kid? Well, tune in for some tips and ideas on how to get a new one in addition to a delicious meal! Rabbits offer up some great table fare, a challenging day in the field and some lasting memories.

• December 14 – Training your hunting puppy: Are you curious about training your own hunting dog and want to know where to start? From picking out a puppy to basic obedience to retrieving that first bird, diehard bird hunter Tina Dokken will share her journey with her new hunting pup.

• December 21 – Snowmobiling in Minnesota: Minnesota is a snowmobiler's paradise. We have lots of the white stuff, the modern snowmobile was invented here, and we have thousands of miles of groomed snowmobile trails throughout the state available to the public. Join us as we talk with Wade Miller, DNR state trails snowmobile consultant, about how to get started in snowmobiling, where to go, and what you need to know to try this fun wintertime activity.

• December 28 –Winter sturgeon fishing: Interested in trying to catch a sturgeon this winter? Join DNR fisheries specialists Joel Stiras and Tony Sindt as they talk about sturgeon management and how to catch this prehistoric fish through the ice.

• January 4 – Camp planning and cooking: Whether you are doing a quick overnight backpacking trip or canoeing for multiple days, you want food that will nourish and sustain you, while still tasting good. With a little bit of planning, even a beginner can create a food plan that will satisfy your hunger while on the trail. Join Jason Jech, executive director of the Red Wing Environmental Learning Center, as he shares tips and tricks about what to bring, what not to bring and ultimately how to become an outdoor gourmet.

• January 11 – Ice fishing for lake trout: Scott Mackenthun, an avid ice angler and Minnesota DNR fisheries supervisor in Hutchinson, will give us a rundown of the state’s lake trout fishing opportunities and some helpful information on lake trout biology. He will cover how to use this new information to your advantage as an angler and to apply it to rigging and the gear necessary for lake trout ice fishing.

• January 18 – Shed antler hunting basics: Late winter and early spring are great times to get outside and hunt for antlers dropped by bucks, bull moose or elk. Dawn Plattner, DNR assistant area wildlife manager, will provide an introduction to amazing antlers and tips on shed antler hunting.

• January 25 – Dog sledding in Minnesota: Dog sledding has played an important role in history both here in Minnesota and across the world. From a simple mode of transportation to mail delivery to Norman Vaughan’s’ U.S. Army Air Forces search and rescue teams during World War II, the fascinating relationship between human and canine has stood the test of time. Join Benji Kohn, DNR mentor network coordinator, and Bethany Hway’s, founder and race director of the Klondike Dog Derby, as they discuss some of the history of dog mushing, its popularity today, and how you might get involved in this terrific winter activity.

• February 1 – Minnesota’s native mussels: One of nature's unsung heroes plays a critical role in the ecological food web of rivers and lakes. Join Madeline Pletta, DNR’s lead mussel propagation biologist, to learn about the importance of Minnesota’s native freshwater mussels and how the DNR is restoring populations across the state.

• February 8 – Burbot fishing: Burbot or eelpout are becoming an ever-increasing target by many anglers for good reason: they are great fighters and are also known to be very tasty as well. Carl Pedersen and Jody Derks, both fisheries specialists with the DNR, will cover some basic biology as well as ways to fish for burbot.

• February 15 – Bald eagles in Minnesota: Did you know that Minnesota and Florida have the highest populations of bald eagles in the lower 48 states? For several years, the DNR Nongame Wildlife Program has managed a camera above an eagle nest, which has become one of our best tools for bringing Minnesota’s wildlife to everyone. Join us as we visit with Lori Naumann, Nongame Wildlife outreach specialist, to talk about the Eagle Cam and all things bald eagles.

• February 22 – Foundational fire-starting: The ability to light a fire for warmth, cooking, signaling or comfort is a foundational part of human history. Join Pam Welisevich, a naturalist with Dodge Nature Center, and learn to start a fire without using a lighter and connect to the past. Learn some important techniques that apply to building, starting, and maintaining all types of fires.

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