Mayors call for federal assistance as Mississippi River reaches record lows

Road salt is one commodity affected by the disruption of shipping due to lower water levels


November 3, 2022

Stacy Kinder, courtesy of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative

A sunken boat is exposed by low river levels at Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Mayors along the Mississippi River are asking for more federal help as the drought that has plagued the nation's water superhighway in recent weeks drags on.

City leaders shared wide-ranging impacts of dry conditions at a Tuesday news conference hosted by the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative, from barge slowdowns to water main breaks caused by shifting dry ground.

With relief from snowmelt across the upper U.S. still months away and future rainfall predictions tenuous, those tasked with keeping barges moving said they're doing their best but could use more help the next time drought strikes.


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