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Why Are Climate Activists Throwing Food at Million-Dollar Paintings?

In the most recent stunt, protesters tossed mashed potatoes at Monet’s “Grainstacks” in Germany


October 28, 2022

Wearing neon orange vests, two climate activists splattered mashed potatoes on the protective glass that covers Monet’s Grainstacks at the Museum Barberini in Potsdam, Germany. They then glued their hands to the wall below the painting and began to speak.

“People are starving. People are freezing. People are dying. We are in a climate catastrophe and all you are afraid of is tomato soup or mashed potatoes on a painting,” protester Mirjam Herrmann said. “When will you finally start to listen and stop business as usual?”

This is the latest stunt in a long string of art-related climate protests across Europe. Earlier this month, activists with the group Just Stop Oil, a United Kingdom-based coalition, threw tomato soup at Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers in London. In June, members of the group glued themselves to the frame of van Gogh’s Peach Trees in Blossom. And a man disguised as an elderly woman smeared cake on the Mona Lisa's protective glass in May. Climate protesters have also hit museums in Glasgow, Florence and the Vatican, as well as multiple London galleries.


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