Is there more speeding on Minnesota roads?

It's harder to answer that question than you might think


September 6, 2022

Renée Jones Schneider, Star Tribune

Finn Paulson, 15, left, took a behind-the-wheel driving lesson from Pete Hosmer of A+ Driving School last month in White Bear Lake.

Driving in Minnesota has gotten so wild that irate strangers are reaching out to Pete Hosmer's driving school to complain.

"They're calling our office saying this car of yours is driving 'too slow' – so get off the road," said Hosmer, who owns A+ Driving School in White Bear Lake.

Beyond speeding, Hosmer said he has seen far more impatient, aggressive and dangerous driving - tailgating, drivers blowing through red lights - in the last couple of years than in any time in his 17 years as a driving instructor.


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