Alliance for a Better Minnesota Encourages Scott Jensen to Keep Releasing Cell Phone Videos

Via selfie video, Scott Jensen doubles down on offensive comments comparing COVID-19 response to Nazism


August 25, 2022

MINNESOTA - Yesterday, in a selfie video posted on Facebook, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen continued to show how extreme and out of touch he is by doubling down on his offensive, antisemitic comments and calling his past comparison of COVID-19 public health policies to Nazism “legitimate.”

“If Scott Jensen wants to continue to expose himself as an extreme and out-of-touch threat to Minnesota, we’re certainly not going to stop him. We have no interest in being Scott Jensen’s thought police and encourage him to continue releasing cell phone videos so that Minnesotans can learn the truth about how extreme his positions are,” said Marissa Luna, Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund. “Scott Jensen can keep telling Minnesotans how he really feels and sharing his extreme ideas, and we’ll be here to amplify it.”

In a video from an April Mask Off MN event, Scott Jensen compared COVID public health policies to the Holocaust, Nazi Germany, Kristallnacht, and the rise of Hitler.

In the Facebook video he released on Tuesday, Jensen doubled down on comparing COVID-19 mask mandates to the rise of Nazi Germany. He reiterated his comments and said, “so when I make a comparison that says that I saw government policies intruding on American freedoms incrementally, one piece at a time, and compare that to what happened in the 1930s, I think it's a legitimate comparison.” And he refused to apologize for his offensive comments saying, “it may not strike your fancy -- that's fine. But this is how I think, and you don't get to be my thought police person."

In another selfie video that surfaced on Tuesday afternoon, Scott Jensen is seen affirming that he plans to ban abortion in Minnesota. In the video, Jensen says, “We’re going to ban abortion, that’s really not news.”

Alliance for a Better Minnesota Action Fund recently released a TV ad featuring Jensen in his own words saying that he would try to ban abortion in Minnesota if he becomes governor. The ad was fact-checked true.


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