In Minneapolis, downtown is back. So is the violent crime


August 4, 2022

Deb Pastner, Star Tribune

Hennepin Avenue late Saturday night.

Scott Nadeau worried something like this could happen.

Two Fridays ago, when his 24-year-old son Jack said he planned to meet friends at the Gay 90s nightclub, Nadeau cautioned him to be vigilant. The retired suburban police chief had seen reports of violence in downtown Minneapolis, and he feared the city's dwindling police staffing levels are exacerbating lawlessness.

The next day, Nadeau sat in the emergency room with Jack, who had a fractured skull. It happened after bar close, and the details were mostly lost to the head injury. The perpetrators had taken Jack's phone and drained his bank account through his apps. Police told him they'd seen a string of similar crimes lately in the area.


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