New TakeCharge Documentary Challenges Idea That America is Systemically Racist

“I am a Victor” shares the stories of black people successes driven by a “victor” mindset instead of accepting they are victims of racism


August 1, 2022

To see the movie or to access clips, please visit

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (July 27,2022) - While some continue to suggest “America’s systemic racism” has limited the chance of black success, a new documentary today is challenging this and the idea that black Americans are victims. “I Am A Victor” features stories of black Americans finding their own personal success by being “victors” and not accepting the idea that they could not reach their goals.

The documentary was produced by Kendall Qualls and his non-profit, TakeCharge. It starts at the end of the civil rights era with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and tracks the 50-year journey taken by black Americans since that iconic time. Some took an Afro-centric, secular, and political activist journey and others took the path that was taught by their parents and grandparents rooted in the Christian faith.

"I felt compelled to counter the narrative that our country was systemically racist. It's full of White supremacists and people can't get ahead,” Kendall Qualls said. “From my perspective, you're talking to a guy that as a kid, I was called a ghetto kid, trailer trash, because I lived in Harlem, New York with my divorced mom, and then later with my father in Oklahoma in a trailer park. A guy like me should not do well academically, professionally. This narrative that was coming out of the progressive left. I felt this was an absolute lie, was dangerous, and there is another side to this story.”

To see the movie or to access clips, please visit

The message from “I Am a Victor” leaves the audience with a sense of hope for our country and hope for the future of the black community. It’s gives people a chance to hear a counter message from the prevailing narrative and highlights the importance and impact 2-parent families have within the black community. To learn more about I am a Victor and watch the film please visit To learn more about TakeCharge please visit .


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