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Closes: July 15, 2022


The school health position is located in the Ponemah school to provide adequate health services and health education to students, families and the community for a greater understanding of health, health resources, personal initiative in health improvement and group efforts to reach the high standards of health. Individual is under the direct supervision of the Community Health/ School Nurse Supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Responsible for assisting in physical testing of screening programs for children and adolescents which include vision and hearing screenings as well as measurements of height, weight, and posture.

 Must assemble equipment and supplies in preparation for various diagnostic or treatment procedures performed by the school nurse.

 Assists in performing tests on the Early and Periodic Screening Program (EPSDT) for all children and their parents. Explains the screening procedures and results to the students and parents.

 Observes the symptoms, reactions and changes of children/students general, physical and mental conditions. Reports and records observation findings on school health records.

 Develops special posters, booklets and flyers to inform students and families to teach about specific diseases and health problems. Arranges displays of these health education materials, brochures, pamphlets in the health office and school library.

 Assists in obtaining health and nutritional history information on school children. Reports and records observations and findings on school health records.

 Develops, plans and participates in all in-services, health education workshops, meetings and seminars with the CHS staff, Indian Health Services personnel and other reservation programs.

 Records, maintains and submits daily activity reports, issues encountered or situations that need assessment and action, given to the school nurse/supervisor.

 Develops and maintains a standardized filing system.

 Must have basic computer skills and be responsible for composing and typing correspondence as well as reports.

 Must have a clear understanding of what COVID-19 disease is and the process of contact tracing, isolation guidelines and COVID-19 prevention.

 Assists school health nurse to coordinate contact tracing and appropriate treatment of individuals diagnosed with communicable diseases or exposure to them and applies measures for prevention and control as required by Tribal law and MDH.

 LPN will have additional duties such as administering oral or injectable medications, administering immunizations, observing for medication reactions and conducting early preschool screenings. Required to participate in the development and implementation of health care plans as directed by the school health supervisor. Will serve as a liaison between and education resource for teachers, administrators, parents and community health care providers. Performs all other duties as assigned with the LPN scope or practice as assigned by the school health supervisor to accomplish the goals and objectives of the school health program.

Physical Requirements:

 Standing or walking is required while performing certain aspects during patient care. Sitting is required for completing data entry.

 Regular lifting and carrying of medical supplies, medications, student and school health supplies and patient charts could weigh up to ten or twenty pounds is required. One must be able to support at least 75 pounds if necessary to reposition, transfer and ambulate patients safely.

 Squatting or kneeling is required when performing aspects of patient care such as CPR or first aid.

 Pushing or pulling 70-100 pounds is required when moving patients in wheelchairs. Pushing is required at 3.5 pounds of pressure when administering CPR. Full manual dexterity of both upper extremities is required.

 Bending may be required when administering patient care. One must be able to bend to touch the floor to remove environmental hazards.

 Must be able to speak clearly to communicate, assess and educate patients and families.

 One must have normal hearing (aids permitted) in order to perform physical assessments including listening with a stethoscope for bowel, heart and lung sounds.

 Vision is required within normal limits (glasses or contacts permitted) for monitoring equipment, reading medical data, preparing and administering medications and injections and performing physical assessments of students including subtle changes in color.

 Depth perception is required for fine tasks such as administering injections and monitoring blood glucose.

 One must have fine motor skills of all fingers and be able to grasp and control medical equipment and to perform precise procedures such as sterile dressing changes. Ability to grasp objects such as a pen to prepare handwritten reports is also required.

 Nurse must be able to assess patients through palpitation with fingers and hands and must be able to distinguish between warm/cold as well as be able to feel vibrations.

 One must have a normal sense of smell to detect odors indicating unsafe conditions or changing patient status.

 No significant climbing is required; one may be required to climb a step stool.

Professional Requirements:

 LPN license from State of MN.

 CNA or CHW certificate.

 Minimum of one-year experience in a school or health care setting.

 Current BLS/CPR certification.

 Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and clean.

 Annual HIPPA training.

 Annual First Aid training.

 Maintains and ensured patient/family confidentiality at all times.

 Wears identification badge while on duty.

 Works at maintaining a good report and a cooperative working relationship with primary care providers, Indian Health Service Unit staff, CHNS staff, CHS staff and tribal programs.

 Attends quarterly meeting with school health supervisor.

Special Conditions:

 Must possess a valid Minnesota driver's license and current automobile insurance coverage

 Must know how to use a computer and specified software for data entry

 Employment contingent upon successfully passing the Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Test and Background Check.

 Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19

To Apply: Applicants and copies of licensures/certificates/diplomas accepted by Cheryl Schoenborn, Red Lake Comprehensive Health Services, PO Box 249, Red Lake, MN 56671 Phone: (218)-679-3316


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