Scott Jensen is the Wrong Choice for Minnesota

Alliance for a Better Minnesota responds to the GOP endorsement of Scott Jensen for Minnesota governor


MINNESOTA - Today, Alliance for a Better Minnesota released the following statement regarding the Minnesota GOP’s decision to endorse Scott Jensen for governor:

“Scott Jensen has committed to banning abortion in Minnesota, spread dangerous misinformation about COVID-19, and wants to give tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest Minnesotans at the expense of ours schools,” said Marissa Luna, executive director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “A Jensen-Birk ticket threatens to bring extreme policies to our state that are wildly out of touch with the needs of Minnesotans and dangerous for our families, schools, and communities. Minnesotans deserve better.”

Scott Jensen intends to ban all abortions in Minnesota without exceptions for rape or incest. He even supports a Texas-style law that bans abortion as early as six weeks, criminalizes abortion, allows strangers to collect $10,000 for reporting women who have abortions, and fines or arrests doctors who perform abortions.

In the Minnesota Senate, Jensen voted to give millions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthiest Minnesotans and big tobacco companies at the expense of our schools and health care. And he voted to allow corporations to deny working Minnesotans a fair wage.

Jensen voted to underfund Minnesota schools and reduce access to pre-K for Minnesota’s youngest learners as a state senator.

In 2021, Scott Jensen joined a group of right-wing doctors trying to block the use of the COVID vaccine in 12 to 15-year-olds. And Jensen was investigated by the Minnesota state medical board for spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories and giving reckless medical advice.

Scott Jensen’s running mate, Matt Birk, is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage and, in 2012, publicly supported the constitutional amendment in Minnesota to ban marriage equality. Birk also supports banning abortion in Minnesota. During the COVID-19 crisis, Matt Birk downplayed the pandemic and spread misinformation about the vaccine on social media.


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