Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison calls on President Biden to cancel student loan debt

Biden said last week he is considering canceling some federal student loan debt


Leila Navidi, Star Tribune file

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, shown in 2019, called on the president this week to cancel federal student loan debt.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison and several other state attorneys general are calling on President Joe Biden to cancel all federal student loan debt owed by U.S. borrowers.

Ellison and attorneys general from New York, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Washington and Puerto Rico sent a joint letter to Biden on Monday urging him to erase all federal student loan debt via an executive order.

"Such action would benefit millions of borrowers and be one of the most impactful racial and economic justice initiatives in recent memory," the attorneys general wrote. "Cancelation of federal student loan debts will reduce stress and mental fatigue, free families to invest in new homes and new lives, and provide countless opportunities."



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CommonS writes:

If that’s the case the government should pay my semi off that way I will be happy and stress free. Wait I took the loan I’ll pay it back and be even happier maybe you should do the same if you took loans out to put yourself through college. Your loan your problem deal with it.


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