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TMC -The Movement Continues and X-Factor, Men's and Women's Champions at Warrior Challenge - P8

TMC -The Movement Continues and X-Factor, were the Men's and Women's Champions at the Red Lake Nation Warrior Challenge Basketball Tournament this weekend, which began on Friday, April 1st and ended on Sunday, April 3rd, 2022.

In the Men's division, MWP-Midwest Posse took 2nd place, Plainzmen 3rd place and Lower Sioux 4th place.

In the Women's division, Burning Feathers took 2nd place and Razor Sharp took 3rd place,



Women’s Division individual awards


Angel Goodrich - United keetowah band of Cherokee, Kansas University, WNBA, All-Star

Shauna Knife - Three Affiliated Tribes, University of Maryland - All Star

Jenna Plumlee - Oklahoma University, MVP

Burning Feathers

Alexis Archambault, Standing Sock Sioux, Bismarck State College- All-Star

Marveen Ross - Crow Creek - All-Star

Nicole Wells - MHA, Ms. Hustle

Razor Sharp

Melanie Howard- Standing Rock Sioux - All Star

Alexis Desjarlait- Red Lake Nation, Hibbing Community College all-time leading scorer- All Star

Wisco Ones

Lindsey Blackowl, Oneida - All Star

Photographs by George Hill III from HOOP Medicine, Chris Jourdain and other members of the community.


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