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Red Lake COVID-19 Update - Thursday, January 27, 2022


January 28, 2022

Thursday, January 27, 2022 – COVID-19 Update

Red Lake Nation:

Active cases: 106*

*55 in Red Lake

*25 in Redby

*3 in Little Rock

*18 in Ponemah

*5 who reside off-res but tested at RL IHS

Of the 106 active cases:

*36 are minors

*39 individuals are fully vaccinated

*22 tested positive with an at-home test kit

*6 are in the hospital

Total cases: 1,929

Total Recovered: 1,823

Deaths: 15

(Updated numbers as of 3:00 p.m. on 1/27/2022 – Please note that the District #'s may change upon verification but the total number of active cases is correct according to daily reports provided by the Red Lake Hospital Contact Tracing Team.)

Due to the increased need in testing, the Red Lake Hospital is asking that you call to schedule your COVID test so they can better assist everyone in a timely manner. Call 218-679-3912 and press 1. COVID vaccinations and flu shots are being provided through Walk in clinic. Booster shots are available in Outpatient clinic to patients 16 and older and within six (6) months from their last dose of the vaccine. An incentive of $130 for each shot is provided to individuals.

If you feel ill, please call the nurse line at 218-679-3912 and press 1 to set up a COVID test. And, if you have tested positive for COVID, it is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the isolation directions from the Contact Tracing Team. This will help control the spread of the virus.

The COVID-19 vaccine is another form of protection for you. As we all know, a vaccinated person can still contract COVID, but more than likely, a vaccinated person might not become as sick as an un-vaccinated person.

It is urged for everyone, ages 5 and up, to get vaccinated. We all need to protect each other, especially our children that aren't old enough to be vaccinated and our members that have a compromised or weak immune system. The vaccine is our best defense against COVID-19.

CDC guidelines recommend wearing masks indoors at all public places and of course hand washing/sanitizing as much as possible. Stay safe everyone.



Reader Comments(2)

Nazhikewigawbaw writes:

This is reply to the comment above: The CDC IS a government agency, not a 'private company', a quick visit to their website and anybody with 2 brain cells can see for themselves it is run by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and ends with (dot)gov, as any legitimate government website. How is a medication approved by the FDA but not allowed in the United States? OMG Lastly, I would suggest staying away from far right-wing conspiracy blogs, it makes you look gullible.

Mindawe writes:

The CDC is a private company with it's own interests in recommending these policies. The current vaccine is not FDA approved! The FDA did approve Comernaty. However it is not available in the US. The real science for masks includes hypercapnia, hypoxia and the weakening of our immune systems. Vaccine injury cases are numerous. This is not about a contagious disease. This is about total control.


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