Ramsey County considers suspensions for employees breaking vaccine rule

Most of the unvaccinated are in sheriff's office


January 26, 2022

About a third of Ramsey County Sheriff's Office employees are in violation of the county's COVID-19 vaccination and testing policy and could face a five-day suspension starting in mid-February, county leaders said.

In an update delivered Tuesday to the Ramsey County Board, county manager Ryan O'Connor said the 134 employees could face a five-day suspension starting Feb. 14.

The county's overall vaccination rate among employees stands at about 84%, according to O'Connor. Another 11% of county employees chose to be tested weekly, which also satisfies the county's requirement. Some 182 employees are apparently doing neither, with the majority of them in the sheriff's office, O'Connor said. "We are seeing a localized challenge of compliance at this point," he said.



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