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For many stressed workers, 'it's starting to catch up'

Some CEOs tell employees to take a break, recharge


January 3, 2022

Sasha Maslov • New York Times

Rebecca Chen, realizing that she was burned out, began prioritizing rest and relaxation over some paid consulting gigs.

The symptoms set in sneakily - foggy judgment, mounting malaise. They build into fatigue, frustration. Then there's the inability to make key decisions: Pizza for dinner or Pad Thai?

People need a vacation. They always have. But especially when the office is closed, and work is what happens when you're near your phone, which is to say every waking hour, employees need to recharge. Some are quietly asking permission to rest. Others know that their break is overdue, and now they're getting nudges from the boss: log off.

"I don't think I've taken one day off in 22 months," said Carol Goodman, an employment lawyer at Herrick, Feinstein. "And it's starting to catch up."


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