Voicemail Warns School Board 'We're Going to Find You' Over Mask Mandate


November 24, 2021

A school board released a threatening voicemail it received earlier in the school year in response to its mask mandate.

The call was reportedly made on September 7, but not found by a Human Resources employee until two days later. The day after it was found, the voicemail was reported to local law enforcement. The district finally released the clip publically on Monday amid the ongoing investigation into the situation.

The voicemail, riddled with vulgar language, accused North Carolina's Moore County School District of intimidating parents into following a mask mandate. They then go on to warn the district, saying things like "We are going to come for you" and "We're going to have your a**es." They also compared the school board to Nazis and said they are "not going to play nice."



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