Dangerous Ideas and Empty Promises Dominate Mankato GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Paul Gazelka and Scott Jensen continue to prove they’re wrong for Minnesota


November 4, 2021

Mankato, MN - Today, conservative Minnesota gubernatorial candidates took the debate stage together for the first time in Mankato. The only candidate who was not present at the event was Michelle Benson.

“Scott Jensen and Paul Gazelka continued to peddle the same empty promises and dangerous ideas. From their stances against COVID public health measures to their so-called health care plans, Jensen and Gazelka have once again proven they’re wrong for Minnesota,” said Marissa Luna, Executive Director of Alliance for a Better Minnesota. “Their records speak for themselves. Paul Gazelka and Scott Jensen have consistently downplayed the pandemic, refused to rely on facts and science, and shortchanged our public schools, kids, and working people. Minnesota families deserve better.”

During the COVID-19 crisis, Paul Gazelka consistently downplayed the pandemic and made reckless decisions like holding a large, in-person post-election party that resulted in a member of his caucus dying from COVID. Scott Jensen promoted COVID-19 conspiracy theories, dubbed “Lie of the Year” in Kaiser Health News.

As state senators, both Jensen and Gazelka voted to shortchange working Minnesotans, underfund Minnesota schools and reduce access to pre-K for Minnesota’s youngest learners, give tax breaks to the wealthiest Minnesotans and big tobacco companies, protect opioid manufacturers from taking responsibility for the opioid epidemic, against emergency insulin for Minnesotans with diabetes, against banning the harmful practice of conversion therapy, and blocked gun violence prevention legislation.


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