Tribal small businesses partner with business development consulting firm, Total Spectrum


November 4, 2021

November 3, 2021 White Earth, Minn. -- Tribal small businesses, with the support of the White Earth Tribal Council, have partnered with a business development consulting firm, Total Spectrum, to conduct third party due diligence and technical assessment for a utility-scale renewable energy project. This analysis will include strategic development, legal review, construction requirements, regulatory environment, workforce needs, bid letting and procurement, financing, ethics and the environment and education to assist in the focus of leading to and resulting in the most advantageous and favorable agreements to the White Earth Nation.

The Tribal small businesses are White Clay Industries, Muskrat Systems, White River Inc., Ogema Organics and Teresa St. Clair dba Midwest Medical Marijuana. These small businesses are owned and operated by White Earth tribal members that bring a wide array of skills, experience, and talents to the table. Collectively they have more than 50 years of construction, engineering, business development and planning experience, traditional ecological and cultural knowledge, and tribal and family law expertise. They’ve also participated in strategic planning and management training in continuing their own business education.

These tribal business leaders are committed to serving the people of White Earth. They are parents, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, and spouses. They are raising the next generation and they employ White Earth tribal members. They are working on bringing more opportunities to the people of White Earth and to the next seven generations. “We would appreciate your support while we are working hard to make the best decision for White Earth”, says Mary Gagnon, Executive Director of White Clay Industries.

This partnership is designed to bring energy independence to the tribe and improve the lives of all White Earth tribal members. White Earth small businesses are leading the energy transition. By bringing energy independence to White Earth, tribal members will see tremendous improvements in their communities. The tribal small businesses will host a series of community events and feasts across White Earth for direct community input throughout this process beginning Tuesday November 9th in White Earth at Congregate at 6pm and the following Wednesday November 17th in Rice Lake at the Rice Lake Community Center at 6pm. The White Earth Nation will have the opportunity to vote by referendum in April 2022 and will decide the future of White Earth.

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