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Ponsford Man Sentenced for Violent Assault on White Earth Reservation


October 15, 2021

A Ponsford man was sentenced today to a little more than eight years in prison for violently assaulting a man on the White Earth Reservation.

According to court documents, during the early morning hours of June 3, 2020, 23-year-old Wesley Robert Warren and another man got into an argument with the victim. The argument escalated into a physical altercation, and Warren and the other man knocked out the victim.

Once the fight was over and the victim was laying face down on the ground, Warren continued the assault by picking up a 42-pound cinderblock and dropping it on the back of the victim’s head. As a result of the assault, the victim was hospitalized for several weeks due to brain trauma and was transferred to a long-term care facility.

On June 17 of this year, following a four-day jury trial, Warren was found guilty of one count of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of assault resulting in serious bodily injury. Today, he was sentenced to 100 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release.


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