COVID-19 hospitalizations rise to 847 in Minnesota

Minnesota's delta wave is expected to build more slowly but last longer.


October 6, 2021

Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune

COVID-19 hospitalizations on Monday rose to 847, the highest total in Minnesota since Jan. 1, the Minnesota Department of Health reports.

COVID-19 hospitalizations increased to 847 on Monday in Minnesota, which is seeing a rising toll from a delta variant wave of the coronavirus that is falling in other hard-hit states.

While the latest count of COVID-19 patients is below the record 1,864 in late November, it is the highest total in Minnesota since Jan. 1 - when limited vaccine was just starting to be distributed to health care workers and long-term care facility residents.

Health system leaders urged unvaccinated Minnesotans to seek their shots - both against COVID-19 and upcoming seasonal influenza - to take the pressure off hospitals that are being whipsawed by the pandemic and patients with other urgent medical needs. Nearly 95% of Minnesota's intensive care beds were occupied Monday by patients with COVID-19 or unrelated medical issues.


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