Food Service Coordinator – Fixed Term - Red Lake School District, ISD#38


October 6, 2021

Red Lake School District, ISD#38

P.O. Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671


Employment Opportunity

POSTED: 10/05/2021 – 10/14/2021 Internally and Externally

Position Description: Food Service Coordinator – Fixed Term

Supervisor: Business Manager

Bargaining Group: None

Terms: 12 Month – Exempt

Revised: 09/29/2021

Food Service Coordinator

Position Overview (Basic Purpose of Position): To coordinate and supervise the school district's food service program

REGULAR DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: List of things to accomplish in job function


What you should know or accomplish in job function?

1. Department Administration

a. Manage Food Service Department Budget

i. Establishes accurate budget for department

ii. Works within established budget

iii. Purchases/secures quality resources that are cost effective

iv. Establishes procedure to maximize collections of free/reduced applications

v. Reviews on a daily basis the meal counts and verifies accurate entry into the electronic system

vi. Submits food service claims to the State using the CLICS system within five (5) days of the close of the month.

1.a.i: Food Service Coordinator will work with Business Manager to establish annual food service program budget by April 1st for the following school year.

1.a.ii: Food Service Coordinator will monitor the food service program budget and recommend changes as needed

1.a.iii: Food Service Coordinator will work together with the MARSS Coordinator to ensure free/reduced applications and direct certifications are processed effectively and timely. Data is entered in the management system and verification of the data is regularly completed.

1.a.iv: Develop and maintain a system for collecting free and reduced applications for students who are not direct certified. Provide for a process to vii. Submits annual food service applications to the State of Minnesota

viii. Collects, reviews and submits all foodservice orders to vendors

ix. Maintains the commodity order program, including keeping an accurate real time inventory

x. Performs, with the head cooks an end of year inventory of kitchen food supplies and equipment.

xi. Prepares annual food service bids

b. Administer Foodservice Programs

i. Regular school year food programs (breakfast, lunch and snack)

ii. Summer food service program

2. Quality Control

a. Food Production

i. Ensures all menus meet State and Federal nutrition requirement

ii. Ensures that menus meet requirements of the District Wellness Policy

iii. Ensures that approved menus are adhered to at each site

iv. Reviews the food production records each week for completeness

complete the annual verification of benefits as required by USDA and MDE Food and Nutrition.

1.a.v: Daily meal counts are received from each building and recorded in the food management system. Reimbursement claims are compiled and entered into the CLICS system within 5 days of the close of a month. Provide a copy of the claim and the supporting data to Business Manager for verification and review each month.

1.a.vii: Successfully submits annual food service applications to MDE Food and Nutrition for each program (regular year program, summer program, snack program, fresh fruit and veggie program, and others as needed.

1.a.viii: Establishes a system for ordering food and supplies from the approved vendors. Orders are placed timely and menus are adjusted due to product shortages

1.a.ix: Commodity funds are used as directed. Commodity funds should be used as received.

1.a.x: End of year inventories are completed and price extended by July 1st each year. Monitor the kitchen inventories during operation to ensure FIFO inventory control is used and that a modified just in time inventory system is used.

v. Performs site visits weekly

vi. Responds in a timely manner to complaints or concerns raised about the District's food service program.

b. Communication

i. Provide for weekly meetings with the head cooks to

1. Review previous months operations

2. Prepare with input from head cooks, the next months menu

ii. Arrange quarterly nutrition committee meetings, keeping minutes of said meetings

iii. Provide written weekly summary report of food service operations to the business manager.

c. Innovation

i. Keeps abreast of latest developments in food service

ii. Implements new methods, innovations, laws and regulations

3. Supervision and Staffing

a. Staff

i. Recruits employees who are properly placed for their position

1.a.xi: Bids for milk and bread are advertised in June and results of bids are placed on the July school board agenda.

1.b.1 & 2: All program applications are completed as per the timeline established by MDE.

2.a.i: Menus for each program and created and posted to the district website. Menus should be created for the whole school year during July. Work with food supplier to ensure items on the menu are available; adjust menu as needed when supplies unavailable; changes to menus are communicated to food service staff and building principal.

2.a.ii: Menus meet federal and state nutritional requirements and district wellness policy.

2.a.iii: Changes to the menu are only allowed with Food Service Coordinators approval – sites do not change the menu on their own.

2.a.iv: Food production records are received from each site at the end of each week and reviewed by the Food Service Coordinator.

2.a.v: Food Service Coordinator will visit each site where meals are prepared and/or served at least once a week.

ii. Oversees completion of food service staff work by

1. Monitoring attendance

2. Providing appropriate work schedules and assignments

iii. Actively works to retain staff

iv. Manages staff to minimize use of overtime

v. Provide new staff will appropriate orientation

vi. Substitutes, when needed in the kitchens

b. Staff Evaluation

i. Provides for a regular evaluation of staff according to District policy or procedure providing timely feedback

ii. Works closely with new staff during probationary period

iii. Provides staff with informal feedback between formal evaluations

c. Staff Development

i. Provides for staff training on designated staff development days

ii. Provides at the beginning of every school year, a review of Complaints and concerns raised about the program are responded to within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint or concern. Maintain a file of the complaint/concern and the resolution.

2.b.i: Food Service Coordinator will meet weekly with head cooks – This can be completed using Teams or in person meetings

2.b.ii: Food Service Coordinator arranges and leads the quarterly nutrition committee meetings. Use of the approved agenda format. Communicates the results of each meeting as appropriate.

2.b.iii: Food Service Coordinator will provide the Business Manager with a summary report of food service operations for the week. This report should be e-mailed to the Business Manager on Friday or the last work day of the week.

2.c.i & ii: Food Service Coordinator participates in USDA/MDE food and nutrition trainings, webinars and is kept abreast of the latest rules, regulations, etc.

3.a: Food Service Coordinator shall establish staff schedules and ensure adequate staffing is available; subs are called and if needed fill in when subs are not available.

3.b: Food Service Coordinator will complete an annual performance evaluation of Head Cooks; Ensure that Head Cooks complete an annual evaluation of Cook I's procedures and protocols to include

1. Health and safety

2. Documentation

3. Ordering and planning

iii. In-services food service staff on latest innovations

4. Other Duties as Assigned by Supervisor

3.c: Food Service Coordinator will provide food service staff with annual trainings and other pertinent professional development activities as deemed appropriate.


1. High school diploma or GED.

2. Some college.

3. Current Food Service Certification.

4. Demonstrated computer skills

5. Ability to lift up to 30 lbs, remain seated at workstation for long periods of time and perform repetitive movements using various office technologies.

6. Good communication skills, personnel appearance and a cooperative attitude required

7. Willingness to assist where needed and the ability to establish good working relationships are essential.

Verification of Competency

1. Completed District application and resume.

2. Documentation to support the qualifications requirements as listed above.

3. Three letters of reference from former employers or other professional resources.

To apply send complete District application, cover letter, resume, and credentials to: Human Resource Coordinator, Red Lake School District #38, PO Box 499, Red Lake, MN 56671. Veterans Preference and Native American Preference. All positions close at 3:00 PM on the date of closure.


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