Special School Board Meeting - Friday, October 8, 2021

9:00 AM - District Office


October 6, 2021


1. Opening Ceremony

2. Call to Order

2.A. Board Member Roll Call

Michael Barrett, Chair

Robert McClain, Vice-Chair

Barb Thomas, Clerk

Roy Nelson, Treasurer

Robert Pemberton, Director

Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait, Director

Marcus Tyler, Director

Melinda Crowley, Superintendent

2.B. Guests:

3. Summary/Overview of Agenda - Superintendent Crowley

4. Approval of agenda for October 8, 2021 M/M/S______________&_____________ to approve agenda for . Yes_____No_____Abstain_____

5. Public Comments and Delegations This is a time for members of the public to address the Red Lake School Board about items on the agenda (5 minute max.).

6. Action Items

6.A. Approve out of state travel to Omaha, NE for National Indian Education Association (NIEA) 2021 Convention, October 13-16th, 2021, for _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

6.B. Approve out of state travel to Denver, CO for National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) 2021 Conference, November 11-14th, 2021, for _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

6.C. Approve out of state travel to LasVegas, NV for National Indian Impacted Schools Association (NIISA) 2021 Conference, December 6-7th, 2021, for _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

6.D. Approve out of state travel to San Diego, CA for National School Board Association (NSBA) 2021 Conference, April 2-4, 2022, for _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

7. Adjournment M/M/S _________________ &__________________ to adjourn. Yes____ No____ Abstain____ Adjourned at _____________


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