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Old Crossing Treaty Day

Red Lake Tribal Holiday To be Recognized October 2, 2021


September 27, 2021

On October 2, 2021, Red Lake will recognize the 1863 Old Crossing Treaty with a celebration of several events at Old Crossing Treaty Memorial Park at Huot, MN.

Back in the September 2013, the Red Lake Tribal Council established a Tribal holiday to acknowledge Red Lake's only treaty with the US in which it gave up millions of acres of what is arguably the finest agricultural land on the planet, the Red River Valley. The first holiday would occur that year on the 150th anniversary, October 2, 2013.

Agenda October 2, 2021:

• 10-10:30 a.m. - Opening Prayer

• 10:30–11 am - Flag Raising Ceremony

• 11 - noon - Welcome and Introductions

• Noon - 1 - Community Feed

• 1 to 6 pm - Mini-powwow

• 1 -3 pm - Creator's Game, Lacrosse

• 3 – 5 pm - Historical/Cultural Talks

Each year on October 2, the holiday will not only recognize the contributions of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians to the United States but will also promote awareness of the history of Red Lake Nation. One of the critical aspects is to create an awareness of the history of the Red Lake People to include the Old Crossing Treaty of 1863, and the 1889 and 1902 land agreements with the US. The Nation's educational institutions will be encouraged to participate in activities of their own choice.

Today, Red Lake Nation would pay tribute to their chiefs and leaders, who under great duress, negotiated Red Lake's only treaty with the United States.

In 1862 things were not going well for Minnesota's Dakota who were not receiving commodities as promised. This situation escalated to the now infamous Dakota Conflict which led to 300 Dakota men being sentenced to die by military tribunals. All but 38 were eventually pardoned by President Lincoln, but the 38 were executed at Mankato the day after Christmas in 1862, only nine months before the Old Crossing Treaty. Most Whites knew not the difference between Dakota and Ojibwe.

The settlers flowing into Red Lake lands were of a new and foreign culture uninterested in the culture of the land and its Indigenous peoples. This was much different from the French who essentially assimilated with First Nation peoples forming a new culture, the Metis. The French recognized that all Indigenous peoples have something in common, and that is...they owned the North American Continent.

Former (the second) Governor of Minnesota and serving as GOP US Senator Alexander Ramsey, met with the Red Lake and Pembina Bands at Old Crossing on October 2, 1863, to sign a treaty ceding their rights to the Red River Valley, a total of 127 miles wide by 188 miles long or 11,000,000 acres (45,000 km2) of rich prairie land and forests.

Old Crossing got its name from the many Oxcarts that crossed the river here. As many as 1500 ox carts a year loaded down with as much as 500 pounds of goods.


Red Lake Band of Chippewa Tribal Council, Red Lake Nation Hereditary Chiefs abd Red Lake Nation Historic Preservation Office


Red Lake Nation, Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, Little Shell Chippewa Tribe, Manitoba Metis Federation Inc., Tribal engineering department staff is assisting in the planning of a gathering at Old Crossing Memorial Park


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