Small but vocal group of Minnesotans are shunning businesses with unvaccinated employees


September 27, 2021

Star Tribune

Some Minnesotans are shunning local businesses and services where employees aren't vaccinated

While visiting a tavern in Wisconsin, a masked Jim Smart noticed the bartender wasn't wearing a mask. He asked if she was vaccinated.

"She said no, 'I don't believe in the science.' I said, 'What about the people in the kitchen?' She went to ask and came back and said, 'They don't want to tell you,' " said Smart. "I said, screw that and left."

Smart, a restaurant designer who lost friends and business to COVID-19, has "run out of patience" with people who refuse to get vaccinated.


Reader Comments(5)

Skolsister writes:

Sly if you have so much immunity built up, then how did you get COVID twice?

Echo writes:

Sly, the vaccinated know that we can still get Covid, but with a minimal chance of getting so sick as to require hospitalization or causing death. We also know to avoid the unvaccinated, in order to stay healthy. This is life or death, not a political game.

Noneya writes:

If these idiots are that worried about other people's choice weather to get vaccinated or not they should stay home and inside to protect themselves instead of feeding into the the lefts fear filled propaganda to American's in the dark while our country gets destroyed by the left-wing radicals looking to control and track everyone!!!!!

Sly writes:

I'm confused here with the vaccinated, if you have chosen to get the vaccine to prevent yourself from getting the virus. Why would you be concerned about contracting the virus if you have been vaccinated. The people who haven't been vaccinated should be afraid of those who have been. The science has proven that the vaccinated are considered spreaders of the variance of the virus. I for one have not gotten the shot. I have had covid twice. My body has built up its immunity to this virus

Thatsprivate writes:

Wow, that guy in the beginning demanding private medical information from strangers is a real piece of garbage. And it must be a real small group. Business is booming where an actual liveable wage is being paid for the first time in decades. It's your choice to stay home and shut up. For the rest of us, time marches on.


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