Free Chronic Wasting Disease Testing


September 22, 2021

Submitted by Tanya Roerick, Wildlife Biologist, Leech Lake Division of Resource Management

Chronic wasting disease (CWD), a fatal brain disease which infects deer, elk, and moose, has previously been found in SE Minnesota. Recently a deer farm in Beltrami County had several deer test positive for CWD. This farm is close to the Reservation boundary and it is unknown at this time if the disease has escaped the farm. Diseases of this type are a concern to all of us because of its potential to affect our deer population, hunting, and health.

The Leech Lake Division of Resource Management (DRM) will be providing free CWD testing for deer harvested by tribal deer hunters. Hunters participating in the testing can drop off deer heads at the DRM in Cass Lake or several communities within the Reservation. Hunters will receive a $25 voucher for their participation in CWD surveillance.

What is CWD?


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