It's Lifeline Awareness Week!

Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) and the Federal Lifeline Programs


September 21, 2021

Paul Bunyan Communications is authorized to provide one federally-funded and one state-funded telephone service discount program that are designed to promote universal service by providing low-income individuals with new telephone service installations and monthly telephone service discounts.

The federal Lifeline discount may be used for either broadband or telephone service. TAP is only available for telephone service.

You may be eligible for assistance in paying your telephone bill if you receive benefits from certain low-income assistance programs. For more information or an application form, please visit National Lifeline Verifier Services

Minnesota's Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) offers a monthly credit of $10.00 on your landline telephone service plan. You may receive the TAP credit on one landline per household.

The federal Lifeline Program offers a monthly discount on some landline telephone service, some wireless telephone service plans and some broadband internet service plans, see the chart below. You may receive the Lifeline discount on one service per household.

If you live on Tribal lands, you may qualify for additional discounts. Tribal Lands Link Up offers a one-time credit of up to $100 on installation or activation charges. Tribal Lands Lifeline offers a monthly credit of up to $34.25 on your landline or wireless telephone service plan.

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