Bear gets trapped in truck in Minnesota's Arrowhead Region, shot as it charges rescuer


September 10, 2021

A sow black bear with a cub nearby keeps an eye on a photographer. Black bears have been getting into trouble across the Northland this summer as their wild food crops have been decimated by drought, including a bear that got into a truck in Grand Marais early Monday and couldn't get out. Steve Kuchera / 2020 file / Duluth News Tribune

GRAND MARAIS, Minn. -- A black bear somehow worked its way into a truck in Grand Marais early Monday, and then apparently locked itself inside the vehicle and couldn't get out.

By the time someone could get the door open to let the bear out it had destroyed the inside of the truck.

"Apparently it got into a few vehicles that night and ultimately ended up getting into this truck and having the door shut, then locked it so it couldn't get out," noted Mary Manning, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officer who was called to the scene after the Sept. 6 ordeal. The bear "made quite a mess of things as I would guess it was freaked out by being trapped inside. It did quite a bit of damage to the truck, rendering it inoperable."


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