Lawsuit: GOP donor used wealth, political connections to coerce teen into sex

Lawsuit says GOP donor coerced her into sex; attorney denies claims


September 8, 2021

A new lawsuit brought by the law firm Jeff Anderson and Associates, alleges Minnesota GOP donor Anton Lazzaro used his "power, wealth, influence, connections and resources" to sex traffic a 16-year-old and then attempt to coerce her family into silence. Jeff Anderson held a press conference at his St Paul firm. ] GLEN STUBBE • Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Minnesota GOP donor Anton Lazzaro used his wealth and political connections to coerce a 16-year-old into sex and then attempted to pay her family for their silence, according to allegations in a new lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Jeff Anderson, a St. Paul-based attorney well-known for suing the Catholic Church for child abuse, announced the lawsuit at a news conference, calling 30-year-old Lazzaro an audacious predator who served as "ringmaster" of the sex-trafficking enterprise. The girl posted allegations about Lazzaro on social media in July 2020, and Lazzaro proposed paying her and her parents $1,000 in "hush money" to sign a nondisclosure agreement, according to the lawsuit.

Instead, the family reached out to Anderson's firm, which helped them report the behavior to law enforcement, said Anderson.


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