Hulu sitcom 'Reservation Dogs' lets Indigenous teens show off their funny side

Oscar-winning Taika Waititi co-creates the groundbreaking sitcom


August 13, 2021

FX on Hulu

The new Native American comedy "Reservation Dogs" is centered around four teenagers.

"Reservation Dogs" is getting high marks for being the first major TV series to be entirely directed and written by Indigenous people. But don't tune in just because of that; watch because it's funny.

The show, now streaming on Hulu, features a group of teenagers willing to hock meat pies and steal a truck stocked with hot chips in their ongoing effort to raise enough money to bust out of their rural Oklahoma town.

Along the way, they cross paths with a gang that mows down their rivals with paintball guns, a reservation officer addicted to energy drinks and a distant uncle who gets stoned more than Willie Nelson. There's also a guardian angel of sorts, a ghost warrior who died in the Battle of Little Big Horn after his horse tripped over a gopher hole.


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