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Dave Durenburger: Taxpayers unfairly shouldering costs of climate change


(St. Cloud, MN) -- On Friday former Republican U.S. Sen. Dave Durenburger published a remarkable piece in the St. Cloud Times on taxpayers and the fossil fuel industry. Durenburger eloquently laid out the case for why lawsuits against the fossil fuel industry are piling up from states and localities. Minnesota is among states that have filed suits against Big Oil. Minnesotans are paying more than $1 billion climate-related costs annually, and Attorney General Keith Ellison’s lawsuit against the fossil fuel industry seeks justice for the costs incurred by the oil companies’ deceptive practices.

Former Sen. Durenburger writes:

The impacts of climate change are in the news nearly every day with extreme weather events, wildfires, droughts and other catastrophes taking place with disturbing regularity.

Decades ago, scientists warned that continued over-reliance on fossil fuels would accelerate this process of global warming – or climate change, making unusual weather events more common and putting our economy and our way of life in danger.

The scientists were right: Minnesota is now witnessing higher temperatures, more flooding and changes to our ecosystem, leading to significant loss of habitat for many prominent fish species, including trout, walleye and bass. The strongest of these impacts are already felt in northern Minnesota, and the entire state is at risk as climate change continues to take a toll on the state and the nation...

....For decades, the largest oil and gas companies knew their products would accelerate harmful climate change. In response, they chose to lie and publicly attack the science.

These companies should be held accountable for their actions and how they have contributed to this costly problem American taxpayers face.

After subsidizing the industry for more than 100 years, taxpayers should not pick up the tab for the oil and gas industry’s biggest mess. This industry is one of the most profitable in history.

It is time to hold the industry accountable and stop using taxpayer funds to cover its liabilities.


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