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Government money should go towards life-saving resources for pregnancies, not abortion as the default option


Trenton, NJ- Democrats For Life of America is holding a rally in Trenton, New Jersey today from 12-2 pm to urge the New Jersey government to kill the harmful “Reproductive Freedom Act” which would essentially make abortion the default option for crisis pregnancies in New Jersey.

“New Jersey already has some of the highest abortion rates in the country,” said Dan Green, National Communications Director, Democrats For Life. “No one is asking for this. Constituents are not asking for this. This is something that is being pushed by the pro-choice lobby to fatten their pocketbooks, not help struggling mothers that are in need. New Jersey women deserve better, and once again, no one is asking for this.”

Guttmacher Institute statistics show that states that fund abortion have higher abortion rates, in most cases, double the national average of 13.5. California, New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia have rates of 26.3 and higher. Further abortion targets low-income and minority communities.

“New Jersey has zero barriers to abortion, but many barriers to pregnant women who wish to choose a non-abortion alternative,” said Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) Executive Director Kristen Day at a press conference in Trenton. “The Every Mom Matters Act, or EMMA, provides the support necessary for women to receive health care and support to carry the child to term and thereafter. It is the whole life solution to crisis pregnancies.”

DFLA is calling on Governor Murphy, who is renewing the push to pass the RFA, to look at the statistics, listen to his constituents, and look at common sense.

Government funds should go towards life-saving measures and real support for women, not abortion which is already funded at extremely high levels in the state of New Jersey.

Our mission is to defend Universal Human Rights within the Democratic Party and to elect Whole Life Democrats. We seek to end the influence of systems of pervasive injustice, particularly the mass lethal injustice of abortion, and other human rights abuses, and to build a life-affirming culture within our Party, in our communities, and in our nation.


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