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Red Lake Medical Martial Law Rescinded after More Than 13 Months


Red Lake Tribal Chairman Darrell Seki Sr.

Medical Martial Law at Red Lake Nation was rescinded as one of the first orders of business at the May 11, 2021 regular monthly meeting of the Red Lake Tribal Council.

Among the restrictions lifted; Facemasks will no longer be required for outdoor activities; restrictions for numbers of people attending indoor activities, and non-residents entering the reservation.

Medical Martial Law has been in effect since 5 pm, on Friday, April 3, 2020 on the Red Lake Indian Reservation/Red Lake Nation.

The action was in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions included only essential travel was allowed, and a 10 PM-to-6 AM curfew remains in effect.

Also non-members could not enter the reservation to visit or to pass through. Semi-trucks could pass through, but unscheduled stops could lead to penalties, though semis could enter the reservation to deliver food.

Ninth Amended Executive Order:

“First came minerals. Next came plants, animals were the third order of creation, and humans were created fourth and last, Those created next are dependent upon those created before it. Minerals are fine on their own, while humans, created last, depend on all that came before. We are of the earth, we are these elements." ~Gichi-Ma’iingan, (Big Wolf) ROAD TO PONEMAH: The Teachings of Larry Stillday by Michael Meuers

Ninth Amended Executive Order - Page 1


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