Gunfire hits another child: Activist's granddaughter, 6, shot in head while in vehicle in north Minneapolis


Renee Jones Schneider, Star Tribune

Pastor Brian Herron prayed for the families of Trinity Ottoson-Smith and Ladavionne Garrett Jr. during a prayer vigil at North Memorial hospital after three children were shot in the last week in Minneapolis, Minn., on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Pictured from the left is Trinity's brother's mom Lupita Sherros, grandmother Toni Wallace, aunt Reina Tucker, baby sister Myla Smith, stepmother Korrina Smith, sister Charlie Turchin, dad Raishawn Smith and brother Cameron Smith.

A 6-year-old girl driving home with her mom after a long day of shopping and swimming in a lake. Another girl, 9, playing on a backyard trampoline with friends. A third-grade boy munching on potato chips in the back seat of his parents' car.

The shootings of three young Minneapolis children in a span of two weeks has jolted the conscience of a city already reeling from rising violent crime, the pandemic and the lingering effects of George Floyd's killing in police custody last spring.

On Tuesday morning, about 20 family members and friends gathered outside HCMC, where the most recent victim, Aniya Allen, 6, remained attached to a ventilator, clinging to life. They took turns speaking to a television camera, condemning the ongoing violence and imploring the shooters to turn themselves in, before linking their arms and praying for Aniya's recovery.


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