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Trespass activity on Indian allotments is spiraling out of control

Indian Landowners Party is gathering information from allotment landowners on trespasses throughout Indian Country. In some cases people are building homes or other structures on the trust allotments without permission. Roads have been built across these allotments and pipelines have been built without the permission of the landowners. In all cases the Indian landowners are not receiving compensation.

What action is the trustee (the Bureau of Indian Affairs) taking? Generally they take no action. Sometimes it is the Bureau of Indian Affairs roads department that is trespassing or authorizing trespass on the client’s land.

“The BIA has double standards towards Indian people. Trespass is one of the BIA’s favorite words....yet they believe it does not apply to them.” This quote was from a landowner about the BIA Roads Department trespassing on her land and she could not get them off the land.


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