Native Americans Expand Efforts to Preserve Voting Rights in Georgia


ATLANTA - Native American voter advocacy organizations and a Georgia tribe are launching a voter education campaign in Georgia in support of federal legislation that will prevent anti-democracy partisans in states from imposing voter suppression laws intended to block members of tribes, nations, and other minority communities from casting ballots in local, state and federal elections.

Four Directions Native Vote, the leading Native American voter mobilization group in the United States; The Lower Muskogee Creek Tribe, based in Whigham, Ga .; and the Global Indigenous Council, an advocacy organization that seeks to unite Indigenous communities on common issues, are leading the voter education effort campaign in Georgia, where one of the most destructive voter suppression laws was recently passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor.

Despite laughable and dangerous lies that these voter suppression laws bills are supposedly going to strengthen democracy, Georgia voter restriction provisions target Native Americans that were part of an unprecedented voter mobilization in the January Senate runoff elections.


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