Federal Funds Should Be Used to Preserve Life, Not End It


Washington, D.C. - Democrats For Life of America is urging Members of the U.S. House and Senate to sign the #SaveHyde Pledge. Signers would pledge to protect the Hyde Amendment and commit resources to provide real choice to pregnant women.

“The Hyde Amendment has saved 2 million lives,” said Dan Green, National Communications Director, Democrats For Life. “We need our representatives to go on the record that they will save this life-saving amendment that is highly popular with the American people.”

Guttmacher Institute statistics show that states that fund abortion with taxpayer funds have higher abortion rates, in most cases, double the national average of 13.5. California, New York, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia have rates of 26.3 and higher. Further, abortion targets low-income and minority communities.

“Black women are twice 3.4 times as likely as white women to have their pregnancy end in abortion,” said Rev. Harriet Bradley, DFLA Director of African American Outreach. “Targeting women, particularly minority women for paid abortions, does nothing to solve the underlying issues of poverty and lack of support.”

The Save Hyde Pledge requires a commitment to voting against taxpayer funding of abortion, and also requires a commitment to providing funding to alternatives to abortion that put the dignity of both the mother and the child at the center.

“We need to redouble our efforts to ensure that our legislators recognize and realize that women do not want abortion funding nor should this be the government’s preferred response to an unplanned pregnancy” said Kristen Day, executive director, Democrats For LIfe “We should be focusing on alternatives to abortion to provide women with real choice."

DFLA's mission is to defend Universal Human Rights within the Democratic Party and to elect Whole Life Democrats. We seek to end the influence of systems of pervasive injustice, particularly the mass lethal injustice of abortion, and other human rights abuses, and to build a life-affirming culture within our Party, in our communities, and in our nation.


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