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A Message from the Red Lake Department of Public Safety


April 30, 2021

The Red Lake Department of Public Safety would like to remind motorists on the Reservation to yield to emergency vehicles, such as an ambulance, fire truck, or police car, displaying flashing red lights and sounding a siren. If an emergency vehicle approaches your vehicle on a two-way road, you must pull to the right and stop. Remain stopped until all emergency vehicles have passed. When you see an emergency vehicle approaching or traveling at a high rate of speed, they are on their way to render aid to a member of the public or they are responding to a dangerous situation. For the safety of emergency personnel, the public in general and your own safety, please pull over.

At night, you will see emergency lights designed to illuminate the roadway far ahead of the emergency vehicle. Emergency responders cannot put their dimmers on when meeting you so please do not switch your bright lights on, it only makes it hard to see for the responding personnel. Please just pull over and let us pass by.



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