India grieves 200,000 dead with many more probably uncounted


April 29, 2021

Atul Loke, New York Times

Last rites are performed at a mass cremation site in New Delhi, April 27, 2021. Some doctors, the public and media point to anecdotal evidence of infections even among the vaccinated to blame a coronavirus variant on the country's deepening crisis, but scientists say the data is too thin and cite other reasons behind the country's second wave.

NEW DELHI - Three days after his coronavirus symptoms appeared, Rajendra Karan struggled to breathe. Instead of waiting for an ambulance, his son drove him to a government hospital in Lucknow, the capital of India's largest state.

But the hospital wouldn't let him in without a registration slip from the district's chief medical officer. By the time the son got it, his father had died in the car, just outside the hospital doors.

"My father would have been alive today if the hospital had just admitted him instead of waiting for a piece of paper," Rohitas Karan said.


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