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April 22, 2021




OPEN: APRIL 22, 2021 CLOSING: MAY 3, 2021 @12:00 P.M.


The Children's Healing Center provides and arranges an array of culturally based intensive helping and healing services to youth and their families. This position is responsible for planning food and beverages for children at the Children's Healing Center. This includes responsibility for the coordination of meal plans for three meals per day, seven days per week, for children at CHC, ensuring coordination and compliance with USDA standards of nutrition. This position is responsible for these duties and all other designated responsibilities. Reports to Program Manager, full-time position w/benefits, salary; DOQ.


• Draft weekly meal plans that include breakfast, lunch, and dinner (3) meals per day and post them.

• Draft weekly meal plan that includes USDA nutrition standards for inclusion of all food groups.

• Include traditional dietary foods whenever possible.

• Include nutritious meals, reducing preservatives, dyes, and sugars.

• Responsible for any food allergies or special dietary restrictions of youth, and ensuring meals are prepared that reflect these special needs.

• Responsible for ensuring healthy snacks are always available and in abundant supply for relatives.

• Responsible for asking relatives about what snacks and foods they enjoy eating and incorporating them into purchases.

• Responsible for incorporating special birthday dinners for relatives of their choice, including birthday cake and ice cream and decorating the dining room in a way that closely reflects a home environment.

• Ensuring snacks are accessible to relatives.

• Bake homemade goods for the relatives.

• Responsible for creating a safe kitchen for employees to work in and relatives to be near.

• Responsible for assuring relatives have a clean space to eat, clean utensils and dishes to eat with.

• Responsible for reporting any unsafe kitchen or unsanitary conditions.

• Responsible for ensuring safe food prep.

• Responsible to be serve-safe certified.

• Responsible for developing vendor contracts for purchasing food ingredients, especially traditional foods.

• Responsible for ensuring tribal preference with vendors, equity with vendor contracts.

• Responsible for purchase orders, receipts, and reconciling vendor orders with Business Manager.

• Responsible for supplies, tools, and items needed for facility

• Responsible for ensuring there is an abundance of food in supply.

• Responsible for ensuring food is ordered that matches the meal plans.

• Responsible for ensuring food prepared is balanced to avoid significant waste but ensure youth have what amounts make them feel comfortable and stable.

• Responsible for food inventory.

• This position is responsible to follow policies and procedures of the facility

• Interact with staff and relatives in a culturally humble and respectful manner

• Report all concerns to supervisor

• Be forthcoming and truthful when representing facts to supervisors

• Demonstrate ability to hear constructive feedback and utilize it in subsequent actions

• Participate in staff meetings and training activities

• Maintain confidentiality of relatives in the center.

• Identify solutions to problems presented, and encourage staff to identify solutions

• Attend all training outlined in policy and apply knowledge and skill from training

• Other duties as assigned.


• Knowledge of cooking various foods

• Knowledge of how to prepare meal plans that meet requirements

• Knowledge of cultural practices and services

• Knowledge of traditional food preparation

• Skilled in utilizing critical thinking skills prior to making decisions

• Skilled in accepting accountability for personal actions

• Skilled in engagement and building rapport with youth

• Skilled in identifying positives with relatives and encouraging them with positivity

• Ability to achieve serve-safe certification

• Ability to develop vendor contracts and work with purchasing requirements

• Ability to build healthy relationships with staff and coworkers.

• Ability to multi-task and switch focus

• Ability to recognize concerns with youth and alert attention

• Ability to prioritize issues based on immediacy, urgency, critical nature and handle complex, emergent situations

• Ability to maintain confidentiality and ethics

• Ability to learn from trainings and apply them to work performed

• Ability to work as a team player

• Ability to seek and accept supervision, but operate independently

• Ability to work outside of normal business hours, work additional hours

• Ability to maintain self-care, be self-aware and self-regulate

• Ability to ask for assistance when necessary


• This position may or may not have supervisory responsibilities

• This position may entail exposure to upset clients

• This position may entail large volumes of work, multi-tasking, prioritizing under stressful conditions


• High school diploma

• Ability to pass a Federal criminal background check

• Ability to pass Adam Walsh background check

• Ability to pass drug screening and remain free from substance abuse issues during employment

• Serve-safe certification preferred, but not required, and must be obtained within 3 months of hire.

• Employment contingent upon successfully passing Pre-Employment Drug/Alcohol Test and Background Check

TO APPLY: Applications and copies of certificates/diplomas are being accepted at the Government Center – Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 546, Red Lake, MN 56671 Phone (218) 679-1847.


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