'White Skies Black Mingo' is a Native American inspirational story by Kevin D. Miller


April 15, 2021

Native Americans remain at the top of the CDC's list of most at-risk groups for contracting, hospitalized, and dying from COVID-19. However, there's also significant good news wherein certain federally recognized tribes viewed as a sovereign government is conducting some of the most successful coronavirus vaccination campaigns in the U.S. As a result, vaccination rates on Indian reservations far outpace the U.S. in general, and Native Americans in cities appear to be falling through the cracks.

Kevin D. Miller, the author of the new book "White Skies Black Mingo," an award-winning historical novel whose heroine is Native American, is throwing his support behind the effort. Miller and his publisher, Headline Books, have pledged to give away free copies of his novel to every Native American who receives their vaccine. "It is an honor to offer an eBook version of my novel, White Skies Black Mingo, to all Native Americans who receive their COVID-19 vaccination. The health and welfare of America's indigenous people is a highly important issue that requires our full attention."

The success of vaccination campaigns can be attributed to the fact that tribes, which are sovereign nations, can set their own eligibility criteria and immediately administer doses with aggressive word-of-mouth tribal outreach. "This is my small way to encourage those folks to get the vaccine and to say thanks for doing it," says Kevin, whose story is inspired by his great grandmother Margaret Davis aka 'Kateri.' Details on how all Native Americans who have been vaccinated can receive their free copy of "White Skies, Black Mingo" from now through Independence Day July 4th, 2021 are available at


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