February 22, 2021

Washington DC. February 19, 2021 -- Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) strongly opposes California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s nomination for HHS Secretary and urges the Senate to deny his nomination. While AG Becerra’s life story and political career are often inspiring, his extremist position on abortion is misguided, divisive, and ultimately counterproductive to the Biden administration’s aims.

“We need someone to lead HHS who values the fullness of life and won’t actively work to advocate to expand the opportunity to end it through abortion,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life of America. “The nomination of a state AG with little medical experience only serves the purpose of appeasing the abortion cultural warriors in the Democratic Party. This runs counter to the Biden Administration’s stated goal of healing divisions in the United States.”

DFLA supports the Biden administration agenda promoting economic justice, climate reform, and eliminating the death penalty. However, Becerra’s nomination will be counterproductive to these goals as it will further alienate the administration and the Democratic party from pro-life voters, which almost one-third of Democrats consider themselves.

“Attorney General Becerra brings few, if any, medical or public health credentials to a cabinet-level health position during the greatest medical crisis in over 100 years,” said Day. “Further, Becerra will ratchet up the level of America’s painful cultural divide on fetal life.”

In the past, Becerra supported an abortion policy aimed at helping clinics instead of women. This includes initiating anti-free speech regulations requiring Pregnancy Resource Centers to post signs advising women of abortion services. The Supreme Court overturned this policy in 2018.

Further, Beccera has:

• Filed bogus felony charges against undercover the pro-life journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the body parts of aborted babies to biotech firms. The charges were widely viewed as politically motivated and designed to punish those who revealed an ugly truth of Planned Parenthood’s activity;

• Allowed the University of California at San Francisco to use aborted fetal tissue for research and opposing bans on such activity nationally. This practice encourages late-term abortions;

• Led a nationwide effort demanding the immediate expansion of federally funded unethical fetal tissue research; and

• Failed to uphold the California Born Alive Act related to fetal tissue harvesting practices, especially at the publicly-funded late-term abortion training capital of the US, the University of California, San Francisco.

“Beccera will not unify the United States in the way that is necessary following the tumultuous Trump Presidency,” said Day. “Instead, he will likely advance the radical pro-abortion agenda and divide our nation. We strongly urge the Senate to oppose this nomination and urge President Biden to withdraw the nomination. We need a Human Services Secretary who can help lead our nation as a whole through its current health crisis, not one with an extremist abortion agenda.”


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