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Senate Committee Hears Bill to Protect Girls' Sports in Minnesota


February 8, 2021

On Wednesday, Senator Carrie Ruud's bill to protect girls' sports here in Minnesota was heard by the Education Finance and Policy Committee. The bill clarifies Title IX and existing Minnesota laws that protect opportunities for girls in sports, stating that a school that allows a male athlete to compete in women's or girls' athletic events is in violation of these provisions. Senator Ruud explained that she graduated from high school prior to the passage of Title IX and experienced firsthand the lack of athletic opportunities for young women. "If we continue to allow biological males to play on girls' sports teams, we will no longer have female athletes and the very thing we fought for... in Title IX will be gone," she said.

Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women's Sports, testified in support of the bill, sharing about her experience competing in USA Powerlifting, which is currently being sued because they did not allow a biological male to compete in the women's division at the Minnesota State Bench Press Championship in 2019."Fairness, privacy, and safety for females must be ensured and protected, and like most women, I would never have started my fitness journey if I would have to compete against males. There would have been no point. I'm sure my teenage self would have felt the same way," Stelzer told the committee.

Senator Ruud's bill is crucial for Minnesota's women and girls. Maintaining separate sports teams for male and female athletes takes the differences between men and women into account in such a way that student athletes can thrive.


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