U.S. corporations suspending political donations after capitol siege spark call to action from Corporate Cancel Culture specialist Sara Christensen


January 14, 2021

Minneapolis, MN (January 13th, 2020) – A Minnesota businesswoman attacked by global Cancel Culture announced today the politics of pandering to the cancel culture mob have become too dangerous for many of American’s business leaders.

Since last week’s storming of the US Capitol, hundreds of businesses have been attacked by cancel culture. Owners, managers, and employees who have spoken out or have demonstrated involvement on any side of the national debate, and even many of those who have remained silent, have received aggressive criticism and often experienced real damage to their business.

More ominously, there are efforts being organized by activists to make lists, categorize businesses' political leanings and COVID stances, and then wage coordinated attacks on those businesses that don't align with their beliefs. The threat of being canceled is imminent and real.

Many large American corporations, such at AT&T, JPMorgan and Coca-Cola, have pulled back political donations in an effort to avoid becoming subject to cancel culture.

My business was destroyed by cancel culture on October 2, 2019. My family and I received death threats so credible and ominous that the FBI got involved. We ultimately were forced to sell our home and go into hiding for six months.

Since then, I've observed cancel culture growing at an alarming rate. Businesses have become increasingly more vulnerable to the actions of an emotional and instant online mob. That mob is more frighteningly well organized and militant. They are looking to make examples of anyone who disagrees with their worldview. No matter your politics or good intentions, energized activists of all different belief systems are swarming to identity and destroy businesses and reputations they deem unfit for their vision of society.

Cancel culture attackers publish home addresses of their targets and encourage others to take action. They issue frightening death threats to intimidate and punish. They contact clients and pressure them to cancel contracts. They get the attention of mainstream media to help amplify the story. They swarm social media with awful reviews and hateful comments.

All of these subjects those targeted to potential professional and personal death sentences, without due process or concern about the very real human impacts of these actions.

Unlike the president of the United States or well-heeled celebrities, most of us can’t absorb these attacks. Most of us don’t have the resources to withstand a loss of income or have the benefit of unwavering support from fans. Nor do we have the ability to instantly build our own media empires to protect our lives and livelihoods.

Society must change as innocent, ordinary Americans are being needlessly, thoughtlessly, and callously destroyed by reckless, angry mobs from all points of the political and social spectrum.

Now is the time for companies, organizations, and individuals to learn the essential practices required to defend themselves – and fight for both their survival and the survival of a sane and just society.


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