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Red Lake School District #38 Organizational Board Meeting

Monday, January 4, 2021 - 2:00 PM - District Office


December 31, 2020

Red Lake School District #38

Organizational Board Meeting Agenda

Monday, January 4, 2021 - 2:00 PM

District Office

23990 Highway 1 East

Red Lake, MN 56671

1. Opening Ceremony

2. Call to Order

A. Board Member Roll Call

Michael Barrett, Director

Barb Thomas, Director

Roy Nelson, Director

Robert McClain, Director

Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait, Director

Marcus Tyler, Director

Rob Pemberton, Director

Melinda Crowley, Superintendent

B. Guests:

3. Summary/Overview of Agenda - Superintendent Crowley

4. Approval of agenda for January 4, 2021

5. Public Comments and Delegations This is a time for members of the public to address

the Red Lake School Board about items on the agenda (5 minute max.).

6. Action Items

A. Election of Board Chairperson

B. Election of Vice Chairperson

C. Election of Board Clerk

D. Election of Board Treasurer

E. Set Dates and times for regular board meetings

F. Set board member's compensation, current rate $16,000/year each

plus benefits as per policy.

G. Designation of District's Legal Counsel

H. Designation of Official Newspaper

I. Designation of Official Depositories

J. Designation of Corporate Certificate of Authority

K. 2021 Board Committee Assignments

L. Student Learning Model for Red Lake Students beginning third quarter

(January 25, 2021).

7. Miscellaneous

A. School Board Representative on the Headwaters Region Board


B. MSBA Leadership Conference

8. Adjournment


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